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I am so excited that I got to try Smart Knit Kids socks for my son Jack. Jack has always had a time with his feet. He complains about his socks hurting him. Jack had to have physical therapy for his feet and has really bad sensory issues. Every time we get into the car Jack takes his socks and shoes off. It does not matter if it is freezing cold outside the socks are off. So you can see why I was excited to try Smart Knit Kids.

The first thing I did when they arrived was took a pair out and searched for a seam and guess what there really aren't any seams. Not one seam to be found on the sides or even on the toe. Smart Knit Kids do not even have the bothersome elastic binding. I was also happy to find out not only do Smart Knit Kids socks feel better on little feet, but they also help keep feet dry and healthy, Smart Knits contain a special material that keeps moisture away, also they our antimicrobial.

Now I was impressed but the test would be Jack. I was curious to see if he would really wear the socks. So I put them on in the morning before we went out to run our errands for the day. He kept them on all day, he never mentioned them except for when I put them on his feet. He asked are  these my new socks? I like them there is no sticks in them. I believe that is what Jack calls the seams. Well that is all I heard all day about the socks, not another word. I am a firm believer here that no news is good news. I was very impressed by Smart Knit Socks. I would recommend giving them a try if your kids have the same issues with socks. 
                                  Here is a picture of Jack wearing his new Smart Knit Kids socks.


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