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I have said that I like many products that I have reviewed but there have only been a few items that I have actually given this high of a recommendation to. My oldest son is 7 years old and the biggest issue I have with him EVERY MORNING is putting on his socks for school. He will go on and on for a good 20 minutes until 1 of 2 things happens. Either I get so frustrated that I put the socks on for him or I turn off the TV and sit there until he does it. His biggest complaint is that there is a “bunch up” of sock in the corners near his pinky toes. If you flip most socks inside out you will see this fabric that I am referring to. HE HATES it and always complains about how it feels and his shoes are uncomfortable because of it. I have tried my best to cut the pieces out but either it wasn’t enough or I ended up putting a hole in the sock.

I was contacted by a company called SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks. My first reaction to this product was “ya okay, tried “seamless” socks before” but I was willing to give it a try anyway. It was my intention to vlog his reaction because I KNEW what he would do. As it turns out, 7 am and 2 hours of sleep gave me no ability to remember the video. It went something like this.
Royal: “Mom! You didn’t give me socks!”
Mom: “Getting them, only have 2 hands.”
Handing Royal the socks. “What is this?’
Mom: “A peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.”
Royal: “Mooooommmm, its weird socks. Where did you get these?”
Mom:” Just put them on.”
Royal after about 30 seconds of silence, now I kid you not that this child was screaming so loud over socks that he woke his 2.5 year old brother sleeping upstairs and on the other side of the house: “OMG OMG! MOM! I LOVE THESE! I GOT THEM ON! THERE IS NO BUMPY THING ON MY TOE! I LOVE THESE! WHERE DID YOU GET THEM? OMG CAN WE GET MORE? LETS THROW OUT ALL OF MY OTHER ONES! WOW THESE ARE AWESOME!”
Now, seeing that on cam would have totally made the day of SmartKnitKIDS and I just know it would have been reposted somewhere lol BUT I take full blame for that one!

Completely free of seams, our patented product is knit like a cocoon, starting from the toe up, providing comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps & lumps” in their socks.

“No heel” design allows children to put on socks with confidence and keeps little feet from outgrowing their socks so quickly.

Stretchy Corespun and Lycra yarns result in a form-fitting design that
“hug” little feet and help eliminate wrinkling and bunching. Because socks fit snugly, they won’t slip off those wiggliest little toes.
Non-binding Halo Top™ fits comfortably without slipping down the leg. Regular socks often have elastic bands at the tops of the sock that can often pinch, bind or be a source of irritation.
High-tech fibers wick moisture away helping ensure a drier and more hygienic sock environment. Antimicrobial benefits help prevent “stinky feet”.
You can purchase these fantastic socks at any of the collowing locations: Sensory Craver, Thera Wear and Fun and Functional.

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