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WOO HOO, so somebody finally thought of them, a sock with no seams. Where were these when my 8 year old was younger?

SmartKnitKIDS sent my kids a few pair of socks to review, one pair for Big Sister J (SmartKnitsBigKids  and pne pair for Sister E (SmartKnitKids).  So, needless to say my kids rock seamless socks.

When Big Sister J was younger she used to cry to her father and I about the seams that bugged her to no end on her toes. There was certain socks she could wear and the others she just wouldn't wear.  I remember searching all over the place looking for socks that she could wear and be comfortable with them. My step daughter was the same exact way, she would cry with the  seams touching her skin.  Do you have kids like this? I also understand that these works well for children with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Well, if you have kids like this, your problem is solved...Completely free of seams, the patented kids' socks are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps and lumps” in their socks.

Big Sister J wore them and had absolutely no complaints.  She wore them to school on a gym day so she was wearing tennis shoes and came home and said that she didn't have any bumps in her shoes all day.  With Big Sister J she would notice to if it were a sock she didn't like.  She still has quite a few socks in her drawer and she  won't wear them because she doesn't like the way they feel.

These socks are made with high tech fibers which keep moisture away helping ensure a drier hygenic sock nvironment which helps control stiny feet.

They come in a few different colors which is great for kids who love different colors.

I think the cutest thing about these socks is the frog...and the quote is "No Seams to Bug Ya !"  I love it. These socks are awesome for all kids so enjoy!

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