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I recently had an opportunity to review SmartKnitKids' seamless socks. SmartKnitKIDS' patented seamless socks are a great choice for children who experience sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams. My son falls into the "can't stand annoying seams" category. He is very particular with things and socks are no different. It really is enough to drive mommy and daddy crazy. Now with SmartKnitKids' seamless socks, there's no longer any fighting over how his socks should fit.

SmartKnitKids' seamless socks are super soft! They don't wrinkle or bunch. They are also proven to reduce irritation to children's sensitive feet. I really do love these socks. Not only are they just that soft, they also stay in place. Which means, my son is happy and I'm happy because I'm not finding random socks all over the house. It really was my son's signature to be walking around with no shoes on and only one sock on. Once he comes home from school, the shoes come off. Then walking around in sock feet made his old socks bunch up. Well, if it started to feel weird, the sock came off where ever he was. It was usually only one sock that was a problem he'd just always be wearing one sock. That problem is now solved. My son can now walk around in sock feet and the socks stay put. Thank goodness for SmartKnitKids!

You know what else I love about SmartKnitKids' seamless socks? These socks are made with high-tech fibers that wick moisture away helping ensure a drier and more hygienic sock environment. They are also anti-microbial, inhibiting fungal odor-causing bacteria. Hello?! How cool is that?! Especially the odor part! If you have little boys, they always come back to you after playing smelling something funky. Now, at least you know it's not their feet!

The SmartKnitKids seamless socks are 6.95 a pair. The unique "no heel" design allows children to put on socks with confidence and keeps their feet from outgrowing their socks so quickly. So this is a definite plus! The no heel design and the craftsmanship of these socks ensure a long lasting pair. Having that said, I feel like the price is right in line.

I would definitely recommend SmartKnitKids' seamless socks! Check out SmartKnitKids' website today!

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