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I remember as a child when putting on socks that sometimes the  seams would make wearing them uncomfortable!  I was pretty lucky that I lived in the south so going around barefooted without getting in trouble most days was permitted but when it started getting cold out, that was a different story. I was told that I needed to wear socks which wasn’t hugely annoying but I can recall several times were the seams of my socks would be troublesome to me to the point were I took of my shoes and tried to rearrange all the annoyingly bumpy bits.

I recently came across a mom created company called, Smart Knit Kids whom offer seamless sock in a variety of colors and styles.  Smart Knits are started at the toe and worked up toward the ankle, this process insures a 100% seamless sock.Since it’s launch in 2003, Smart Knits Kids continues to grow and find new markets. Super Soft material and seam free design make it the most comfortable kids sock on the market.

My Thoughts…
Out of the generosity Smart Knit Kids my daughter and I were given the opportunity to review some of these socks! These socks come in  several styles which include ankle, crew,and knee-high.  Ranging in sizes from 1-4 toddler all the way up to a girls/boys size 5-8. The vast selection of colors ensure theres a pair to suit everyone child’s taste and personality!


I choose to go with the knee-high style since during the fall I tend to have my daughter dressed in long sleeved tops with matching skorts, hence the knee-high style is perfect for covering her legs up most of the way without the hassle of wearing panty hose.

I’m so impressed with Smart Knit Kids socks! I love that  each pair of these socks have a non-binding Halo Top that fits comfortably without slipping down my daughter’s leg! Most socks usually have those elastic bands at the top that wear out rather quickly and can sometimes be to tight leaving a mark on your child’s leg.
These socks are soft and stretchy, so I don’t have to worry about over stretching to put a sock on my pretty hyper toddler whom thinks it’s absolutely hilarious to try to move as much as possible when it’s time to put on her socks. Either she thinks sock time is a game or she’s really that ticklish!

Their is no heel on these socks so I don’t have to worry about running to the store so soon just to get socks that fit. Clearly as a parents I’ve learned that children’s feet grow exceptionally quickly.

I love how well these socks hug my daughter’s feet! They’ll be no annoying bumps, bobbles, or wrinkles to rain on our parade any longer!

High Tech fibers that wick are added that helps prevent moisture as well as working to keep your children’s feet dry, preventing stinky feet.

I recommend the socks to all, I believe your children will thank you for them! Each pair retails for around $6.95 or less!   To find out where you can purchase these, visit

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