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Sometimes, it is something as simple as socks to really ruin your day. My son has major sensory issues - as many children on the Autism spectrum do. In general, wanting to wear as little amount of clothing as he can get away with. He doesn't like tags in clothing and will pull or rip at them until the garment is destroyed - particularly in underwear and shirts. The popularity of tagless T-shirts and underwear has been a huge saving grace. That left me with one other major clothing beef (aside from the nudity issues) - and that is SOCKS.

Yes, socks.

You see, Alex is hell on socks. If a sock has too much elastic around the ankle or calf he will pick and pull the elastic causing it to get tight/snagged until the elastic is broken - ultimately ruining the socks. He also doesn't like when socks turn on his feet - happens frequently when the elastic has been picked and stretched... And, "the best one" is that when the seam on a sock is twisted or sitting wrong (however that is.. not aligned with the moon in a certain phase) he will scream something that goes like, "My toe! My toe! I have a stunner on my toe" (I think he is trying to say a sliver/splinter). Sometimes he'll keep the 'warning' to himself and just skip right to fixing it himself which involves taking off his shoes and socks and going on with business. If he had his way he would opt to go sockless all year (and wear crocs or bare feet in his sneakers).

So yes, we have sock issues.

I learned about SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks on Twitter. Their avatar is a cute little green bug wearing a sock, when I investigated further I knew that we had to try these for Alex. The company was kind enough to send me a few pair to try out with him. They sent us a variety of styles and the sizes were L or XL - There is a size chart on their website that will help you determine what size is needed and come in a few colors (white, black, pink, purple, or blue) The funny thing is that my son who is 8 is only a couple of shoe sizes away from my shoe size. This means that I got to try them too! I found them quite comfortable, though I don't have "sock issues". One thing I noticed was that they were very stretchy feeling and I wondered if they would be too tight on Alex.

Alex has been wearing these socks in rotation with his regular socks now for the past few weeks. Though he tends to always remove his socks and shoes in the house I have noticed that he will actually keep these on longer before opting to go barefoot. The biggest thing that I noticed with these is that he doesn't pick at them or try to pull the elastic out. Because the sock doesn't have a heel it doesn't matter if it twists so he is less aggravated when wearing socks and shoes with these on. Best of all, with these on he isn't complaining that he has splinters in his toes insisting on removing his socks and shoes.

Yes, these socks work.

My next mission is going to be going through all of Alex's old and destroyed socks and getting rid of them. Seamless socks are in.

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