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I’m not sure about you mom’s and dad’s but I have a rough time keeping socks on Isabella’s feet.  As soon as I put socks on her, I have to automatically put her shoes on too to prevent her from pulling them off.  SmartknitKIDS reached out to me to do a review and I without a doubt said yes!  With the winter months here already I have to find a way to keep her little piggies warm.   Seamless and comfortable!  After two days in a row of reviewing SmartKnitKIDS socks, I knew I found a winner!  Isabella has not pulled a sock of yet!  I also hate to admit this but from all the running around that Isabella does during the day, her feet stink!  Made with High Tech Fibers and Anti-Microbial material, NO more smelly feet with these socks that Rock!

There are so many times I receive a product and say to myself, I wish they invented this when I was a kid or I wish they had this product for adults.  Well they do!

  SmartKnit is the solution to all adults feet needs.  Not only do they provide seamless comfort but help in a variety of daily feet needs and wants.  Those of you who can relate to Diabetes, Ankle-Foot Orthosis, Knee-Ankle Foot Orthosis or Athletics, SmartKnit has a sock for you! Being a Softball Athlete in college, I sure could have used the ACTIVE socks.  I ran in Metal Cleats pretty much every day and know I would have tried anything at the time to help with comfort.  Now being a mom, I will use these for working out! I will take comfort in any way, shape or form…mom’s, I know your following me on this one.  SmartKnitKids and SmartKnit are Sealed with Approval by Baby-Momma!

So, overall, I think these socks are winners! 
  By the way, they also make pantyhose. All these products are good for diabetics who need compression for circulation issues. Maybe that was why my feet didn’t hurt as early in the day? I don’t have diabetes, but I do have crappy circulation. 

A little more information: The kids style socks, are not molded into a shape with a heel. They are more like a tube sock, but without a toe seem. I was worried when I first put them on that the upper edge would be shorter in the back than in the front, but it came out even. Magic, I tell you! (probably has to do with the stretch going where it needs to and other scientific stuff)  
I was also concerned about the top edges of the socks. It isn’t stretchy like the rest of the sock body, but it did fine too. It did roll slightly. Just barely.
 Not anything that affected the sock staying up or in place. In fact, I don’t believe the sock moved unless I made it.
  The adult version was molded. It had a heel and clearly defined area for the foot which is probably why it felt a little too big on my little ol foot. But it wasn’t bad. Don’t take that impression from what I said, please! I could have worn the socks, but figured I’d pass them on to Sherry (my mama) so we could get even more feedback!

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