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When my kids used to complain to me about their socks hurting their feet, I knew exactly what they were talking about. Socks can bunch up and be uncomfortable, and if you happen to step on the seam, it can be really painful. For kids with sensory issues, it can be even worse.

Smart Knit Kids sent me some of their seamless sensitivity socks for review recently. I studied the little sockies and by gosh, there really aren't any seams. Not on the toe and not on the sides. They are just all smoothness and softness, and the top of the sock stays up without elastic binding to bother little legs.

Another thing that is really cool about the socks is that they don't have heels built in. Have your kids ever tried to put on their own socks only to throw a mini sock tantrum because the heel ends up on top and they can't get their foot in the right way? Not with these socks! And not having a heel means the socks will hug those little feet, and they won't grow out of them as quickly.

Know what else is special about Smart Knit Kids socks? The sock material wicks moisture away to help keep feet dry and healthy, and it's antimicrobial to inhibit odor-causing bacteria.

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