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Kids and socks can be a tricky combination.

It seems that most kid's socks were not designed to be 'kid-friendly'. The socks bunch up, twist and turn, have bumpy seams, and fit too tightly at the top. Socks seem to be one item that parents have to help their children with long after the kids have learned to dress themselves.

Thank goodness the people at Smart Knit Kids realized this problem and came up with the perfect solution -socks with no seams!

We recently received three pairs of these fantastic socks to review. We decided that Angela would do this review as her middle child has mild sensory issues and these socks seemed a great fit.

Angela's Review: I can not tell you how much we love these socks! My middle child's mild sensory issues make him extra sensitive to the way things feel on his body. Collars have to be perfect, waistbands need to be just so and socks must be fixed and fixed again until they are 'right'. Putting my 6 year old's socks on seemed to take forever and often resulted in heel parts on top and me fixing the socks so they lay perfectly before putting on his shoes.
Since receiving the Smart Knit Socks there has been a wonderful change in our house! Putting socks on and taking them off is no longer an issue for us. My 6 year old easily slips these socks on himself and they always fit perfectly!
Every morning he searches for 'the socks I love' and is upset when they are all dirty and he has to wear another pair.

The thing that I love the most about these socks is that because of the no heel design they fit every foot perfectly-no matter what the foot size. I can interchange these socks between all three of my kids aged 1 1/2, 6 and 9-I have even worn them one day myself and they fit great. They don't seem to stretch out at all so wearing them myself doesn't seem to affect the fit on my 1.5 year old the next time she wears them.

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