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Knit-Rite was contacted to create a truly seamless sock for children with SPD in 2003.  Knit-Rite began to create a 100% seamless sock that is comfortable for children.  The result was SmartKnitKIDS.  The socks are knitted like a caterpillar spins its cocoon by starting at the toe and knitting up toward the ankle. This process does not leave a seam and provides a super comfortable socks for little feet.  Knit-Rite also tried to eliminate wrinkles and bunches in the socks to make them even more comfortable by choosing a super stretchy fiber so the socks are form fitting, snug and comfortable.  To make the socks even better for kids, Knit-Rite chose a no heal design which allows the sock to be put any which way. Now available in many colors and sizes for kids and adults.

"Our goal is to provide a product that helps children. We are proud to have created a product that makes mornings easier for children and parents.  We are trying to spread the word about these great sock so more children who hate seams, wrinkles, lumps and bumps can be helped and find a solution.  "  Rose Pener

Picture 002Tripp, my oldest son, is in the Autism Spectrum as well as OCD.  Needless, we have fight after fight with him and his socks.  If I ever get a digital video camera, I will video tape the process he must go through each time he puts on socks.  He literally cries about regular socks hurting his feet.  When we were sent several pair of KnitRite Seamless kids’ socks, I was amazed.  He tried to go through his little process and was unable… after a short fight, I made him realize that he needed to just put them on… he couldn’t line his seams up, puff out the heel, etc with these.  He couldn’t find one thing wrong with them!  They are literally seamless, so there were no little knots anywhere to bother his feet!

Picture 001  Zack, my middle boy, doesn’t like socks either but not for the same reason. :-)  He has skinny feet and no matter what socks we get, they always bunch around his feet.  In other words, they are too big in the width – I know that sounds silly because socks stretch, but they stretch too much for him and end up falling off.  These, hold their shape so well that we had no complaints with him either!  Two points for KnitRite Kids at this point!

Mom Says:  I don’t just hate socks, I hatePicture 005 shoes!  OK, I love to buy shoes (I have an addiction) but I don’t like wearing them. :-)  I am a country girl, what can I say? I figured I would put the socks on long enough to write my review and take them right back off (BTW, these are the XL kids size).  Boy was I wrong!  These things feel like 1000 thread count cotton sheets on my feet!  Not only that, but as thin as they are, they are very supportive!  When I wear these socks (as opposed to the other brand), I have less back pain!  Why?  Because of the arch support!  I love them and they are actually cheaper than the brand I have purchased for years.  

Yes, I am silly… do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of your legs when you are the one with the camera?  I couldn’t keep them from looking huge!  ROTFL! I have at least a dozen pictures on my hard drive right now, all of my feet :-)

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