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The minute Kora and Logan come in the house they take off their shoes. Next thing you know, off go their socks. How they can run around in the middle of winter in barefeet always baffled me, but I suppose if I was playing Duck, Duck, Goose and had to stop to pull up my socks all the time, I’d just take them off too.

Lucky for their cold tootsies, I was contacted by Knit-Rite, Inc. to review SmartKnitKids Seamless Socks. Their socks are seamless with no heel and they have a form fitting design to keep the socks on the feet where they belong.
Once the socks arrived I took them out of the box and marveled at the no heel design. They looked innovative and intriguing. The colors were great, very bright and crisp.

I had Kora and Logan put them on and Kora said, “Oh, Mommy. These are the most super-duper comfy socks ever. I love them!” Logan smiled and wiggled his toes.


They kept the songs on all morning. In fact, Logan went down for a nap with them on, which was remarkable because he never wears socks to bed. Since he doesn’t stay covered at night, I’ll be happy for him to wear the Seamless Socks so his feet stay warm.
SeamlessSocks can be purchased at the Therawear website. They range in price from $6.26 – $8.96 (currently on sale). For socks that stay on little one’s feet and keep them warm all winter, it’s worth the price.

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