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Do you have a child who hates to wear socks because the seams in the toes "bug" them?  Then you need to check out SmartKnitKIDS Seemless Sensitivity Socks.  These socks have "no seems to bug ya".   These socks are also great for kids who have Sensory Processing Disorders or children who are Autistic.

My son hates wearing socks because he doesn't like the "itchies" at the toes.  SmartKnitKids was kind enough to send all my kids some seemless socks to try out.  My son tried them on and didn't whine that they hurt his toes, and my older girls said they were really comfy.  I put them on my youngest who is 18 months old and who I don't think has worn socks since she was a tiny baby.  She was so funny she kept looking at her feet and pointing~  and she kept them on all day long! 

SmartKnitKIDS sock are different because:

  • They are truly seamless                            
  • No heel design
  • They "hug" your kids feet~ made from stretchy Corespun and Lycra
  • No "stinky" feet~ they are anti-microbial

The socks come in white, pink, purpe, navy, and black.  And they have them in ankle, crew, or knee-high.

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